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PHASE ONE: Gymnasium & Locker Rooms

(Orange section in the Preliminary Schematic Drawing above)

After a lot of planning and consideration by the Master Site Plan Committee over the past few months, the MLHS Board of Control and MLHS Federation approved phasing our building project. The phased approach allows for components to be added to the building as needed and as funds allow.

They also decided that it makes the most sense to locate the gym on the east side of the school. This location also provides numerous benefits to help our school move forward and grow to meet the needs of our Lancer Family:

  • Central access for all things athletic at MLHS (indoor and outdoor activities)
  • Better access to the locker rooms for both indoor and outdoor activities
  • Reduced construction costs
  • Utilization of existing concessions
  • Utilization of existing restrooms
  • Keeps the existing gym close to the new gym. (JV1 and JV2 teams can play at the same time at MLHS instead of having the JV1 team go to a WELS grade school gym to compete. This also keeps all the games/matches of our grade school tournaments at MLHS, which helps build community and excitement for MLHS among our grade school families.)

STRETCH GOAL: Completed Fitness Center

You will see in the schematic drawing that there is a blue section labeled "Phase 1B, Fitness Center." Our hope is that as funding becomes available we will be able to expand the project to include a fully furnished fitness center. While our primary focus will be the completion of the gym and locker rooms (orange section), we are optimistic that we will be able to "stretch" a little further to provide a state of the art fitness center where our athletes can train and all students can learn the value of lifelong fitness. We have several stretch goals that we are hoping to achieve:

  • Stretch goal #1: Build the shell of the fitness center.
  • Stretch goal #2: Complete the interior of the fitness center.
  • Stretch goal #3: Fully furnish the fitness center. 
Preliminary Cost
(Orange Section on drawing)


Stretch Goal #1, which includes "shelling out" the blue shaded area of Fitness Center: $8,800,000


Only $3.7M needed to hit the target and remain debt free!


Collected Pledges & Donations:  $3.6M
Debt Retirement: -$550,000
Other Expenditures:  -$500,000
Cash in the Bank:  $2.6M
Pledge Payments Remaining:  $1.2M

Here's how you can help bring this vision to life:

PRAY Ask for God's blessings in our efforts to strengthen Manitowoc Lutheran High School's foundation through the Building Our Future on Christ Campaign.

LEAD Get engaged! Be an ambassador for the campaign by spreading the word about our mission: "To use our God-given gifts to help each student become thoroughly equipped for paths of service to our Redeemer." 

SUPPORT Continue to help us reach our phase one goal to raise at least an additional $3.7 million!

City Parcel Acquisition

We were excited to learn in November that we were finally! able to acquire the small city parcel at the northeast corner of Waldo and N. Rapids Road. This parcel was a remnant from an old turn lane, and it is where we currently have our digital school sign. After years of working with the city we acquired the parcel for the nominal cost of $1.00. Thank you to Steering Committee member Paul Kluenker for his years of persistence in working with city hall, and to Attorney Trent R. Nelson for generously providing his time and expertise for the future of our school campus. 

Stay up to date with the Building Our Future on Christ campaign by visiting www.mlhslancers.org/campaign at anytime

Be sure to follow Manitowoc Lutheran High School on social media too!

Questions or Comments please contact Jerry Haupt or Martin Plocher.

Jerry Haupt

Campaign Chairman

Martin Plocher

Campaign Director

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