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"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11

OUR CHILDREN face multiple world views that question their identity and purpose in today's society. When individuals experience the Manitowoc Lutheran culture, they will quickly see how God's unconditional love changes their life. Our goal is to develop our students to confidently know their identity in Christ. We see our school staff and leaders as mentors for our students, and they work hard, with their parents, to prepare them for the future and to live out their faith.

"Manitowoc Lutheran High School uses its God-given gifts to help each student become thoroughly equipped for paths of service to our Redeemer"


is to deliver a Christ-centered education and to always strive for improvement. We do this by:

  • Supporting our students as they grow in a Christ-centered love toward others.
  • Offering qualified teachers and staff who care for our students by living out our mission.
  • Equipping each person with Christ's love to strive toward a life rooted in God's promise.
  • Living as difference makers in an ever-changing world.


is to provide our current and future students with a facility that allows us to effectively do our ministry and grow our student body. Our new phased master plan is:

  • Designed for today's needs as well as our future needs.
  • Designed to build as God moves people to generously give.
  • Designed to respond to God's call to serve our students and community.
  • Phase ONE is the gymnasium/indoor athletic space. We will continue adding to current campaign funds to start building.


Long-Range Master Site Plan

The Building Our Future on Christ Campaign Director, Martin Plocher, and MLHS Building Committee Chairman, Mike Schwarz, have been working with Somerville Architects to develop a revised master site plan. The objective is to develop a master site plan that will give strong consideration to phasing our building project and at the same time be cost effective.

The new plan will take into consideration our entire campus, including existing buildings, parking, athletic fields, etc. The new plan will not only include the 2018 components, but will go beyond that, taking into account potential future needs such as a STEM center and additional classroom space. This plan will be presented to the Master Site Plan Committee, the Building Committee and Steering Committee by representatives from Somerville on November 10th From that point on, the focus will be on fine-tuning the plan for phase 1 segment, the gym.

PHASE ONE:   Gymnasium/Indoor Athletic Space

From the beginning of our campaign the emphasis was on building a second gymnasium. Your Campaign Steering Committee is focused on completing the task of building a new gym that will serve the needs of our students, parents and federation schools for decades to come.  


  • Students get home late because practice times need to be shared for 6 different teams for boys' and girls' athletics, and some student athletes have to drive a considerable distance to get home.
  • Currently, the gym is used 358 days a year. This limits the opportunities for MLHS to welcome the community to utilize the space as a venue.
  • During inclement weather, our gym is the only option for indoor practice space for multiple groups.
  • We currently share the gym with the high school chapel, physical education classes, concerts, performances, special events, lyceums or conventions and grade school events, which often conflict with athletic practices and events. 
  • A single gymnasium does not meet the needs of the ever-growing athletic program.
  • With the growth in athletic offerings as well as events, concerts, drama, worship services, federation events, etc., we have a long ago surpassed the reasonable capacity.

Martin Plocher Receives Full-Time Call

Martin Plocher has been serving as Campaign Director in a part-time capacity since June of this year. As the campaign moves forward, plans are developed and campaign activity increases, the MLHS Board of Control has seen the need for the Campaign Director position be upgraded to a full time position. With that in mind, the Board of Control has extended a call to Martin Plocher to serve as fulltime Campaign Director. Please keep Martin in your prayers as he considers this call to serve his Lord, and MLHS.


Here's how you can help bring this vision to life:

PRAY Ask for God's blessings in our efforts to strengthen Manitowoc Lutheran High School's foundation through the Building Our Future on Christ Campaign.

LEAD Get engaged! Be an ambassador for the initiative by spreading the word and helping us transform our students, community, and world!

SUPPORT Continue to help us reach our phase one goal to raise at least an additional $4 million!

Stay up to date with the Building Our Future on Christ campaign by visiting www.mlhslancers.org/campaign at anytime

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